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Test lead

Job description:

To strategize, deploy and continuously improve the standardized delivery processes for Applicationor Technologyor Horizontals

  • To deliver consistent and predictable delivery quality across all verticals and horizontals through capability building or product quality focus. Enable the evaluation of projects based on the critical parameters
  • To deploy standardized delivery processes cutting across verticals and horizontals and ensuring the continuous improvement of systems by leveraging the reuse of knowledge, process assets and best practices for the respective cluster.
  • To improve consistency and efficiency of quality operations through convergence and economies of scale.
  • To promote high maturity culture in an industrialized environment.
  • To support the quality strategy, Annual Plans and review the functioning or performance of the respective clusters including: - Consolidation of CMMI and ISO certifications aligned to industrialized delivery and sustain the Level 5 Maturity - Deployment o


B Tech

Why Join Us:

At HCL Technologies, we promise many varied opportunities for you to learn, along with the potential to do innovative, interesting work, and to fast track your career. You will have access to the Global clients and team from some of the most experienced leaders in the tech industry who will enable you to get on the fast track to a rewarding tech career. HCL Technologies offers the leadership, flexibility, and people-friendly work culture to enrich the life of an employee and of those around them - to find greater stability, purpose, and growth both personally and professionally.

We encourage our people to try things differently, provide them with the freedom to explore, opportunities to grown, and experiment while offering intensive training and on-the-job coaching opportunities. Our people take pride in their enthusiasm and commitment to go beyond. And we celebrate this collective pride. Below are few of the benefits and perks:

  • Global careers and mobility
  • A flexible (remote) working environment with work-life balance
  • Great opportunities to make the role your own, upskill yourself and get involved with exciting projects
  • Total Wellbeing is our focus. Alongside your professional excellence, you join the likeminded colleagues to create a larger impact within the company and society at large in your chosen area of passion - CSR Council, Diversity Council, Sparks - Engagement Champion to name a few

Test lead

Frankfurt am Main

Veröffentlicht am 24.11.2022

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